About us We Are The ReGeneration is a project of Decade Of Action, an act-tank that contributes to systems change for ten years and will dissolve itself in 2030.


During these ten years, Foundation Decade Of Action will help accelerate the transition. Years in which we connect people, touch their hearts, change and unite them. A decade in which we will help build an economy that lives in harmony with our planet. Because without ecology, there is no economy.

More than 50 years after the first Earth Day (1970) and the publication of the Club of Rome’s report ‘Limits to Growth’ (1972), followed by several alarming reports by the IPCC, the realisation is dawning that we have to change our course, our economy and our policies on nature, biodiversity, water, climate, food and agriculture.


Accelerating change

We help accelerate this transition by showing a new perspective on the future and building a new underlying culture, creating an economic system that works with nature, rather than against it. A system that chooses life: an ‘ecology economy’.

In the stories we tell on our platform and the new culture we depict, we move from degeneration to regeneration. From being separated from nature, to being part of nature. With the ultimate goal that by 2030, this niche culture will have become part of pop(ular) culture. This is why we started We Are The ReGeneration.

Uitgelichte quote

How do we change the world? Change the story. Problems rest on top of systems, systems rest on top of stories
— Charles Einstein

We Are The ReGeneration is a movement that works towards an ‘ecology economy’ together with a growing group of innovators. We connect and put the spotlight on pioneers and thought leaders who show that an ecological society is possible. By connecting the knowledge of scientists with the wisdom of indigenous leaders and uniting the open-mindedness of young people with the innovative power of creatives, farmers and entrepreneurs, we contribute to so-called ‘cultural islands’ that keep spreading, like circles in a pond, enticing a growing group of people to fall in love with regeneration.

With a solution-oriented and energetic tone of voice and style, we create a ‘positive antidote’ in the form of inspiring stories that inspire change.


Positive antidote

Environmental movements, pioneers and ecological initiatives have existed for a long time. But they all continue to work towards the same goal separately. And therefore they are no real competition for the conservative forces that keep the old system intact. 

Furthermore, with ‘We are the ReGeneration’, we move from ‘should’ to ‘want’; to an attractive and contagious culture of smart and fresh change makers who inspire others by creating change themselves. Not only in an ethical, but also in an aesthetic way, on the pulse of our time. Examples that you want to follow, belong to and join. Because doers inspire new doers.

This is how we are building the movement from the bottom up. From heart to heart, from human to human, right across all layers of society. We Are The ReGeneration.

Regenerative farmers don't throw mud.

Three tipping points

Over the next years, We Are The ReGeneration will keep focusing on three tipping points:


Restoring and improving ecological, economic and social systems through regenerative principles


Creating new economic models that support - rather than deplete - the regenerative capacity of our ecological life-support systems


Restoring our connection with nature and our planet

World champion regenerative agriculture

To reach these tipping points, we started with the food and agriculture system. Everyone can relate to food, as it’s a basic need for our existence. This makes it the perfect starting point to achieve a cultural shift. In addition, the Netherlands is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to agriculture. Our influence is known and felt worldwide. If we change the Netherlands, we change the world. From this starting point, we will achieve the societal shift towards a regenerative culture in 10 years time.

We can live in harmony with our planet.

Our mission is to make the Netherlands, now world champion of industrial agriculture, a world champion of regenerative agriculture.

How do we shape the change?

Our strategy to accelerate the transition focuses on two crucial points:

From alone to together
From must to want

We find, weave, narrate, accelerate and transform, where ‘connecting’ (from ‘alone’ to ‘together’) and ‘imagining’ (from ‘must’ to ‘want’) are our two superpowers.

Uitgelichte quote

Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war
— Martin Luther King


We find the pioneers and doers at the edge of new developments and bring them to an ever-growing group. This is how we create an ecosystem of collaborating partners that share the same goals, values and vision.


For a long time, environmental movements, pioneers and beautiful initiatives have all been working separately on the same goal. And are therefore no real competition for the conservative forces that want to leave the old system intact, because that is what benefits them the most. Connecting, working together and joining forces creates a movement so big that change becomes inevitable.


Being right and being acknowledged for being right are two different things. We move from ‘must’ to ‘want’, towards an attractive and infectious culture of smart and fresh change makers who inspire us by creating change themselves. Not only in an ethical, but also in an aesthetic way that is on the pulse of our time. Examples you want to follow, belong to and contribute to. By doing it yourself. Because doers inspire new doers.

Accelerate & change

In ten years time, we want to create a wave that's so attractive and big, it turns the tide and changes the culture, from niche to mainstream. In doing so, we use proven methods and best-practices from brands that have defined and changed popular culture. 'We Are The ReGeneration' is the place where our mission and the three tipping points we work on are expressed.

Uitgelichte quote

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
— Buckminster Fuller

Our team

  • Li Hoekstra

  • Mark Aink

  • Nadine Maarhuis

  • Coco Deijmann

  • Yanna Hoek

  • Josephine Schuurman

  • Luuk van de Ven

  • Gabriela Hengeveld

  • Diane van der Marel

  • Samuel Gosschalk


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Every day, we shine light on the pioneers and thought leaders who are building a regenerative world. Farmers, young people, scientists, entrepreneurs and indigenous leaders who are choosing life. In doing so, these doers inspire new doers.

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