Together with a growing group of changemakers and pioneers, we are building an ecology economy that revives the planet.
We Are The ReGeneration.

A food system that destroys the planet can not feed the world

Our mission is to make the Netherlands, currently world champion industrial agriculture, world champion regenerative agriculture. Because a food system that destroys the planet cannot feed the world.


Together, we are building a regenerative movement from the bottom up. Heart to heart, human to human, right across all layers of society. This is how we will create a cultural and societal shift in 10 years, from an agricultural system that restores nature and promotes health towards an economy that lives in harmony with ecology and works together with nature, instead of destroying her.

What is regenerative agriculture?

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Every day, we tell the stories of pioneers and thought leaders who contribute to a regenerative world. Farmers, youngsters, scientists, entrepreneurs and indigenous leaders who take care of all living beings. As a result, these change makers inspire new ones to become one too. 


Because we want everyone to be able to access these stories, we don’t hide them behind a paywall. This is why we need your help. Support us and accelerate change.

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The regenerative movement is growing and flourishing: you can find ecological initiatives that put life at the core everywhere, probably even in your neighbourhood. Check it out.

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